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7 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

Here are our 7 essentials for a healthy lifestyle, exploring the realm of health with these simple yet effective tips. 1. WaterThis sounds like a basic concept but people don’t realize just how important water really is. In addition, you would not believe how many people are drinking less than 2 glasses of water day. Water is the resource your body needs above all else. It helps your body run at optimum performance, keeps your kidneys and by extension, your blood, clean, and helps your digestive tract run smoothly. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have no less than 8 tall glasses of water a day. However, if you can make it a gallon more power to...

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What To Wear To A Party

Good times, hitting the clubs, require you to wear something special. Even if it’s a date, you need to look at your best, dressed per the occasion. Per the occasion implies doing your research before going to the place you are going to. Dress per what is expected in that specific place, maybe there is a theme to that night, or maybe not. There always is a recognized club attire. For example, you wouldn’t wear your flip flops to the club night, right? 1. Let’s start with shoes on that note. No sneakers, sport shoes. Period. Wear proper leather shoes, not shiny. Something like loafers, monk straps etc. I personally do not like shiny and pointy shoes, I am a short...

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